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01-08-2018 Beach Arena hosts major events in August 2018

The program of the Beach Arena of Levante Beach, near the 5L sector, which includes the inclusion of disabled people with well-equipped services for their mobility needs, was presented at the Caorle municipality. and not only. Entry will be & agrave; free. The program is been smeared in two months. In all, 15 will be very important, involving both sport and entertainment. This is serious; the list. & nbsp;

June 30, 2018 will be there & agrave; a women's beach rugby tournament. The variant on the sand of this sport is very practiced especially in the exotic countries. & nbsp;

On 1 July 2018 will be played matches valid for the under 21 regional beach volleyball championship. & nbsp;

On 4 July 2018 first non-sporting event at the Levante Beach Arena. This is R-Evolution Clown & amp; Bubble Show, a fun show. & Nbsp;

On July 10th 2018 there will be games and animation in the arena all day. & nbsp;

On July 12, the B2 series national tournament for beahc volley with the best talents of this category. & nbsp;

On 14 and 15 July, great events with football on the sand. Players who have played in the World Cup in the past will compete on the weekend that will assign & agrave; the world championship in Russia. & nbsp;

From 16 to 22 July 2018 special yoga classes. & nbsp;

On 25 July 2018 games and animation in the Arena. & nbsp;

From July 31st to August 2nd in the arena here is the retreat of the men's and women's Beach Rugby national team. & nbsp;

On 4 August 2018 a youth volleyball tournament. & Nbsp;

This tournament will be on August 5th. open to all. & nbsp;

August 8, 2018 show of juggling and contortionism

On 18 August 2018 beach tennis tournament, this specialty too; enter the program. & nbsp;

From 20 to 23 August 2018 national male and female youth beach volley finals. & Nbsp;

Finally, from 24th to 26th August, Italy's Cup final match for men's and women's beach volleyball. & nbsp;

For two months everyone can; attend the beach arena by booking at the phone number 3200878688
& Nbsp;


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