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22-07-2023 Procession and fire of the bell tower

It's an ancient seafaring tradition and perhaps one of the hottest summer events.

Saturday 22 July, after the Holy Mass the Madonna is transferred from the church by the sea, and the procession begins towards the millenary cathedral. When the statue of the Madonna enters Piazza Vescovado, the bell tower "burns" to greet her. Of course it's not a real fire but the bell tower is colored with fireworks to remember the fire that had destroyed the Sanctuary on the sea and the statue of the Madonnina in 1923 (this year marks the centenary) The effect is wow, very characteristic and every year it leaves believers and tourists speechless. With the fiery red bell tower, the Madonna enters the Cathedral, amidst the prayers and songs of the faithful and is hoisted on a pedestal which is positioned inside the central nave, just a step away from the entrance. Between Saturday and Sunday  the statue of the Madonna is the subject of the prayers and supplications of the faithful.
The next day, the Madonna dell'Angelo will return to her home, the sanctuary by the sea. After the holy mass in the cathedral, the statue of the Madonna dell'Angelo will go through the exit and to greet her the bell tower will "burn" again.

Appointment on Saturday 22 July and Sunday 23 July 2023 in Piazza Vescovado after the Holy Mass at 21:00. This year is also the Centenary of the new statue of the Madonna dell'Angelo. The statue will be brought to Venice on Saturday 22 July to the Basilica of the Madonna della Salute, it will be blessed and then brought back to Caorle to commemorate when in 1923 the new statue of the Madonna arrived from Venice after the fire had destroyed the previous one. He will arrive on the Caorlina rowing in the Sacheta beach and at 19:00 there will be an open-air mass presided over by the Patriarch. The procession will then follow and, upon arrival in Piazza Vescovado, the bell tower will be set on fire.

Evocative event not to be missed!


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