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06/04/2010 - Twenty degrees, the Germans already booked for Easter first beach umbrellas

Via the quilt, scarf and gloves: it's time to put on his sunglasses. With the arrival of spring and the temperature suddenly rose to 18 degrees Celsius (yesterday in Venice) with peaks of twenty degrees in the hinterland, has returned to the desire of being outdoors. Such a long walk on the wide expanses of sand on the Veneto coast where Work is ongoing in preparation for summer. Next weekend will probably not be in the sun but next Sunday will be Easter and here, on the Venetian coast, the first sprout umbrellas: the opportunity is tempting for a mini-vacation to 40 euros per night full board. But not only. At this time all the wonders of Veneto will be usable: you can ski in the mountains without any problems until the end of April while the Garda is already full summer with hundreds of hotels ready to accept the first trip outside. With the mild temperatures of these days there should short summer. And it is the Venetian resorts arriving the first news of the year. At the forefront Jesolo now anticipates a great trend of bookings for the summer: "There is nothing to live through a crisis, already better than July. A bit 'less August but there is still time to book, "says Massimiliano Schiavon Hague. Here the novelty of 2010 is the "advance booking" that is, as for low cost flights, the first book who save more: up to 10% over retail prices during the low season, ie April, May and first fortnight of June. Now you can do it from your iPhone: you buy with 79 cents in fact the official guide to Jesolo, that allows, from the known cellular Cupertino, book hotel, restaurant and even an umbrella. In Caorle and Bibione the "record spike" or better laying stakes for the opening of umbrellas because here the first open at Easter. Among the innovations of these beaches, in Bibione you work for the realization of 5 islands playing in the sandfenced areas with tennis and beach volleyball courts, playground and much more. The largest area is expected to Pasotto. "Nell'alberghiero 2010 will be the year of the all inclusive - explains Gianni Carrer, president of the hoteliers hoteliers - a formula which will increasingly popular packages coupled with massage at the spa, the zoo and visits to wineries. Why tourists want to know what they spend the holiday from start to finish. " Better Lake? Verona side of Garda Easter remains a must for the start of the season. The requirement in this period, these parties take the "Olive Riviera": fifty miles of landscape consisting of a succession of inlets, the shores of villages and castles surrounded by an expanse of trees. Unlike the beaches where the early Easter powers in particular many commuters, Lake Garda is preparing a start to the season with a bang, weather permitting: 'At Easter-Merenda says Henry, director of the consortium "Lake Garda" - surely increase the presence of Germans who are our target audience. " But there is also waiting for the opening of Ben (April 1) that will raise the curtain on new attractions "Inferis, the labyrinth of terror" and "SpongeBob SquarePants 4D" for families. Better snow? Dolomites are still 50 inches of snow to the valley floor and 2 meters on the Marmolada. Here then on Faloria above Cortina, plants remain in operation until April 25. In the area of Cortina D'Ampezzo have closed only a dozen ski resorts of the 46 total (including San Vito di Cadore and one Misurina). Skiing at will, until April 5, including 26 of 24 lifts the Civetta. Open all 89 plants Arabba-Marmolada, also falls in the wider area of Superski. Vicenza, Asiago plateau resists station Monte Verena, more than 2,000 meters, with 15 km of slopes.


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