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10/04/2010 - Three-day poetry festival in Caorle

Patrizia Valduga will be 'the guest of honor at the third edition of''Flussidiversi'', the poetry festival was born in 2007 in Caorle and this year' planning in the city 'Venetian May 28 to 30. In these three days the old maritime center will be 'filled with poets and poetry lovers. Infinite boundaries "seeds of poetry" will fly over the waters of the lagoon and across squares, raised in the seven languages in which the poets express Flussidiversi. Languages are in use in countries and regions participating in the Communities' Alpe - Adria. Seeds of poetry produced in a common theme of verses unfolded along more 'than 56 hours and will see that' dozens of poets involved. A wave of emotions that will reach 'in different languages, all those who feel the deep need of poetry. Ways contaminated by music, art, photography, indicating how Flussidiversi is more and more 'open to a contamination event, where all the arts will be offered each other suggestions: deep emotion. All this will be' "queen" Patrizia Valduga. "What's happening '" Andrea Zanotto and Christoph Wilhelm Aigner, protagonists of the first two editions of Flussidiversi. His poems, written for the occasion, will remain forever engraved alongside those of his two predecessors, on the cliff of Caorle. Patrizia Valduga, born in 1953 in Castelfranco Veneto, lives in Milan. And 'as items more' significant contemporary Italian poetry. He debuted in 1982 with Medicamenta (Guanda). Are followed: The Temptation (Crocetti, 1985), medicaments and other Medicamenta (Einaudi, 1989), Woman of sorrows (Knopf, 1991), Requiem (Marsilio, 1994; then expanded version Einaudi, 2002), the incurable Lane (Garzanti, 1996) One hundred quatrains and other love stories (Einaudi, 1997) First anthology (Einaudi, 1998), quatrains. Second Century (Einaudi, 2001), Manfred (Mondadaori, 2003), Lesson of Love (Einaudi, 2004), Afterword to the last lines of John Raboni (Garzanti, 2006). It 's remarkable its activities' Translation: John Donne , Songs and Sonnets (Studio Editorial, l985); Ste'phane Mallarme ', Poems (Knopf, 1991); Paul Vale'ry, Marine Cemetery (Knopf, 1995); Molie're, The Misanthrope and The Imaginary Invalid (Giunti, 1995), Shakespeare's Richard III (Einaudi, 1998) believes Respice et Pierre Ronsard (The Beech 2005), and the theater of Fe'erie Ce'line, The Miser and Tartuffe Molie're, Contingency by the fire of Cre'billon fils, The human voice of Cocteau, Shakespeare's Macbeth, not me Company and Beckett monologue. In 1988 he founded the monthly magazine "Poetry," which he directed for a year.


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