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13/04/2011 - The Pope in Venice

ll Pope in Venice on 7 and 8 May, here are the steps'll patriarch Angelo Scola confirms: Pope Benedict XVI will be in Venice on 7 and 8 May 2011. The pontiff will attend the "Second Meeting of Aquileia, a meeting involving representatives of the dioceses in the Northeast, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. The Pope will arrive in the lagoon 26 years after the visit of Pope John Paul II. Provided the great Mass in San Giuliano Park in Mestre benedict xvi, Aquileia, St. giulianovenezia + - Martha's Arctic zoom Pope Benedict XVI On the same theme READ Scola: "Visit Confirmed" VENICE. The news was in the air but the Patriarchate had not confirmed until yesterday, did not reach the green from Rome, as anticipated from the New Venice and Mestre, 19 September, Pope Benedict XVI will arrive in the city in order 7:08 week of May 2011. The announcement was made yesterday morning by the patriarch of Venice, Angelo Scola. Generally, in Italy the Pope visits never last more than a day. In this case, however, Pope Ratzinger will stop in Veneto a weekend and sleep in all likelihood in the patriarchal palace. A visit that will also touch Aquileia, where the Pope will inaugurate the year of preparation of the Second Meeting of Inter-diocesan event which will see Aquileia gathered representatives of the dioceses of the North-East of Slovenia, Croatia and Austria were born from the famous Mother Church . The Diocese has set in motion, as well as Christian communities. "Before the visit was in the air but was not sure - says the director of Caritas Monsignor Dino Gun - now we must prepare ourselves. A committee of priests will formulate proposals to be examined by the Vatican. " The program has not yet been decided if it broadly. Saturday's arrival to the Ecclesial Convention in Aquileia, a large mass on Sunday morning at the park of San Giuliano to all the churches of the Northeast: "We'll see the heart of Christianity - adds the director of Caritas - the symbolic image is that of St. Peter and St. Mark's meeting, as is the tradition, sent him to evangelize the peoples of Venetia." "San Giuliano is a public place - says the Dean of the Cathedral of Mestre Monsignor Fausto Boni - where the pope will meet more people, in a park that connects the mainland to Venice." The other two stages are almost certainly the opening of the Library of Marcianum and a visit to the Basilica of San Marco. In the foreground, as emphasized by all the priests and fathers' delegates, there is the conclusion of the Pastoral Visit to five years from the Lido. The President of the Institution Woods and Parks Department, Giovanni Caprioglio, the ultimate confirmation of availability: "If the Pope wants to meet young people, there is no place more welcoming." Having decided on the lineup, will be interested in the prefecture, which together with the Vatican security will determine the safest path for the Holy Father. This afternoon at 17 all the bells of the churches of the Patriarchate of Venice will play as a sign of celebration.


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