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Final Gold: all the challenges of Caorle

Everything will be back in play. Despite the outcome of the resulting rankings after the first two phases regional, Caorle (VE) on Saturday and Sunday, the challenge for the conquest of Italy badges for Club Champions 2009 promises to be fought and uncertain until the last race. GOLD many teams for the final addition, athletes who lined up in its ranks today military military club which can certainly make a heavy contribution in terms of scoring and his club of origin. CHALLENGES MEN - After the regional stage is the 'Athletic Riccardi to have obtained the highest score (23,808). Right behind the association are classified Milanese Cento Torri Pavia (23,770) and The Brotherhood 1874 (22,895). Quarter boys Student Cariri (22,895) on the defending champions dell'Assindustria Sport Padova (22,752). Scrolling down the list of members is noted as having responded to the call of civil societies in which they started their racing career many athletes with the stars. In speed, for example, should report to the track at the start of the 100 components of the 4x100 meter blue, sixth in the World Cup in Berlin, with Simone Collio (Pro Sesto / FF.GG. ), Fabio Cerutti (Riccardi MI / FF.GG.), Emanuele Di Gregorio (Libertas CT / Air) and Roberto Donati (Cariri / Army). Di Gregorio, Donati and Collio may also choose to compete in the 200, where there are also waiting for the European Junior bronze of Diego Marani (Riccardi MI) and Matteo Galvan (Atl. Vicentina / FF.GG.). Although the use of the young financier Vicenza appears unlikely due to tendon problems that beset it since the end of World Championships. On lap there will be another promise, as Galvan runner for the blue and silver 4x400 record holder for Italy Under-23, Marco Vistalli (Bergamo Creberg 1959). Over barriers of intermediate 400 m Hurdles are therefore expected Leonardo Capotosti (Bruni Vomano / FF.GG.) Frederick RUBECA (Libertas CT / FF.GG.) And Andrea Gallina (Cento Torri Pavia). After the final in Berlin belongs to Giulio Ciotti (The Brotherhood 1874/FF.AA. ) The role of man favored by high on stage will come when even the twenty-one Silvano chesan (Cento Torri Pavia / FF.OO.), This year already fifth at the European U23 Kaunas. Jump blue even with the auction in Paris 2003 world champion Giuseppe Gibilisco (Bruni Vomano), sixth in Berlin, which will meet in Caorle Marco Boni (Assindustria Sports PD / Air). Which will be followed three times as the first plaintiff Italian European champion and record holder under 23 Daniele Greek (Bruni Vomano / FF.OO), writing also on 200. Turning to launch in weight will be the turn dell'inossidabile Paolo Dal Soglio (Atl. Vicentina / Carabinieri) by Andrea Ricci (Libertas CT) 18.20 returning from a week ago launched in Terni. Discoboli If the bet between the Argentine Balliengo (Assindustria Sports PD), Marco Zitelli (Cariri / Air) and Diego Fortuna (Atl. Vicenza / Carabinieri). In the hammer detaches the name of Marco Lingua (Libertas CT / FF.GG.), While in the javelin Roberto Bertolini (Cento Torri Pavia / FF.OO.) Must guard against throwing the young Gianluca Tamberi (Bruni Vomano), Italian junior record holder with 72.76, and Emanuele Sabbio (Bruni Vomano / FF.GG.). The 10 km march will pass the Olympic champion Ivano Brugnetti (Riccardi MI / FF.GG. ), Followed by continental bronze U23 Matthew Giupponi (1959/Carabinieri Bergamo), from junior Riccardo Macchia (Bruni Vomano) and Fortunato D'Onofrio (Bruni Vomano / Air). CHALLENGES WOMEN - to have closed significantly in the lead after two regional trials were the bearers dell'Italgest Athletic Club (24,236) before the champions of Italy in charge of Fondiaria-SAI Atletica (24,086). Followed in order CUS Parma (23,300), student Cariri (23. 300) and Assindustria Sport Padua (23,079). In fact there is no lack of speed nell'entry list the names of Britain's Emma Ania of the CUS Cagliari on blocks of 100 with the champion of Italy Anita Pistone (Italgest / Army), Manuela Levorato (Italgest / Air) and Doris Tomasini (U.S. Oak Trentingrana). For the latter promises to be a commitment, even on the 200 where there will be waiting for her teammate Martina Giovanetti. 400 by Maria Enrica Spacca (Cariri / Forestry), Eleonora Sirtoli (Italgest), Tiziana Grasso (Fondiaria-SAI) opposed to the CUS Parma Latvian Ieva Zunda. On lap two, and then, they met the Cuban Yusneysi Santiuste (Ass Sports PD), Chiara Nichetti (Italgest) and Alessandra Finesse (Ass Sports PD), while the 1500 follow by Judit Varga (Ass Sports PD) and Valentina Costanza (CUS Resumption BO / Army). On 5000 race Federica Dal Ri (U.S. Oak), while juniors are both the protagonists of the 3000 steeplechase, Giulia Martinelli (Cariri) and Lucia coli (CUS Resumption BO). Interesting comparison that which is offered on the 100 m Hurdles between Marzia Caravelli (CUS Cagliari), Veronica Borsi (Fondiaria-SAI/FF.GG.) And Giulia Pennella (Fondiaria-SAI). The intermediate barriers, however, returns to wear the shirt of the Fondiaria-SAI Italian record holder Benedetta Ceccarelli (Carabinieri). The high female, then, junior Elena Vallortigara (Ass Sport Padova), after a fourth place at the European U20 silver in Novi Sad and the absolute Milan won both with 1.87, on the ramp in Caorle find Elena Brambilla (Italgest / FF.AA.). Surely it is women who will be trained on the shaft, however, most eyes will be in action where the Italian absolute record holder Anna Giordano Bruno (AssSports PD), at the end of a season that has seen better for a good 5 times, from 4.45 to 4.60, the national record of the specialty, came very close from the World Cup final in Berlin. On stage with her the promise Elena Scarpellini (Fondiaria-SAI/Aeronautica) and Giorgia BENECCHI (CUS Parma). Magdelin Martinez (Ass Sports PD) long and triple jump, specialties where it will compete well Silvia Cucchi (CUS Parma / FF.OO. ) And the Estonian kivin (CUS Parma) also deployed along with the best credit (6.58). In weight is expected Assunta Legnante (Italgest) with Zahra Bani (CUS Cagliari / FF.AA.) In the javelin and Laura Bordignon (Fondiaria-SAI/FF.AA.) Anniballi and Valentina (Cariri / Army) working in the disc. Latest work in the cage of the hammer for the blue Clarissa Claretti (Fondiaria-SAI/Aeronautica), in a 2009 that saw her in Berlin and the third to the eighth World Athletics Final in Thessaloniki. In the 5 km march, finally, it remains for the Italian champion Sibilla Di Vincenzo (Ass Sports PD). THE FINAL GOLD ON TV: two summaries of the event broadcast on RAI Sport Più at the following times: Monday, September 28 hours 14: 45-16:15, Tuesday, 29 September ore 18-20. TIME and protagonists - Saturday, September 26th: 14 hours - Auction M: Gibilisco, Boni. 100 hurdles: Caravelli, Bags, Pennella. Triple M: Greek. 14.30 - 110 hurdles: Mainini, Comencini. Disc M: Balliengo, Zitelli, Fortuna. 14. 55 to 1500 M: Kimurer Kemboi (Ken), Boit (Ken), Khadir (Alg), Garavello. 15.00 - High F: Vallortigara, Brambilla. Weight F: Legnante, Bordignon. 15.15 - 1500 F: Varga, Constance. 15.35 - 100 F: Ania (Gbr), Tomasini, Pistone, Levorato. 16.00 - 100 M: neck, Cerutti, Di Gregorio, M. Donati, R. Donati Tomasicchio. 16.20 - 3000 steeplechase F: Inzikuru (UGA), Martinelli. 16.30 - Triple F: Martinez, Cucchi, kivin (East). 16.45 - 3000 steeplechase M: Kiprotich Tanui (Ken), Olempayie (Ken), Natali. Javelin M: Bertolini, Tamberi, sand. Martel F: Claretti, Koller. 17.05 - 400 F: Zunda (Lit), split, Sirtoli, Grease. 17.25 - 400 M: Vistalli, Cappellini, Cavallaro. 17.50 - Marcia M (10 km): Brugnetti, Giupponi. Marcia F (5 km): Ragonese, Di Vincenzo. 19.00 - 4x100 F. 19.15: 4x100 M. Sunday, September 27 - 14 hours - Asta F: Giordano Bruno, Scarpellini, FARFALETTI Casali. Disk F: Bordignon, Aniball, Baratella. Along F: kivin (East), Salvetti, Zane, Martinez. 14.15 - M Weight: From the Throne, Ricci, Sortino, Mottin. 14.30 - High M: G. Ciotti, chesan. HS 400 F: Zunda (Lit), Ceccarelli. 14.55 - 400 M Hurdles: Capotosti, RUBECA, Gallina. 15.20 - 800 F: Santiuste Caballero (Cub), Nichetti, Finesse, Constance. 15.40 - 800 M: Gueye (Sen), Boit (Ken), Moro. 16.00 - 200 F: Ania (GBR), Tomasini, Giovanetti. 16.15 - Martell M: Language, Quintarelli. Javelin F: Bani, Rocco, Carli. Long M: Bianchi, Nuara, Dacastello. 16.25 - 200 M: Di Gregorio, Collio, R. Donati, Marani. 16. 50-5000 F: Inzikuru (UGA), Dal Ri, Soufyane, fox. 17.20 - 5000 M: Kimurer Kemboi (Ken), Muli (Ken), Kipkinyor Bett (Ken), Villani. 17.45 - 4x400 F. 18.05 - M. 4x400


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