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24/08/2006 - Caorle and Bibione a swollen sails

Caorle: Not only Kaiser Franz is back but has stayed as long as the children of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Hungary, becoming the third force tourist presences in Bibione, while Caorle after Germans and Austrians are the Danes to hold third place . A July for both beaches fireworks even though some new president dell'Apt Francis Panzarin has highlighted mainly Caorle: "A good distribution of different types in attendance receptive and its uniqueness make Caorle resort mature and now closer to four million presences. "The only negative neo - known Panzarin - remains low as the receptive There is the need to rehabilitate some facilities, as many private housing, now off-market especially in a time like this where tourists seeking the best in value for money. Bibione is always loved by aliens and the return of Germans and Austrians and increase other important countries bodes well for the future. We must devote more attention to domestic tourist flows, without neglecting the Italian market. We await the results of an anomalous August, marked by difficult weather conditions hoping that have not influenced the positive trend this summer. A Bibione the lion's share of the Germans are still with 392,124 followed by attendance with 221,297 Austrians and Hungarians with 114,261; fourth force with the Danes 107,119 with an eye drop in French (-14.37%), Norwegian (-7 , 78%) and Swedes (-9.65%). The total number of foreigners in the month of July was 1162445 that should be added the 551,332 Italians who have helped achieve 1713777 presences. A Caorle are the Austrians to lead the standings with 168,702 attendance followed by the Germans with 111,951; in third place with 99,063 Danes and the Dutch with 95,510, followed by Switzerland with 71,248. The total foreign Caorle was 733,422 of which 420,618 were added Italian 1,154,040 total attendance. Overall then Bibione complaint an increase of 3.66% in arrivals receptive to the hotel and an increase of 6.58% of the attendance. Confirming however bodied + 24.67 Germans, + 9.36% + 7.27 Austrians and Hungarians. Caorle instead has registered an increase of 4.44% of arrivals and an increase of 4.75% of confirming the presence of German great return for a + 31.29% (Austrian, Danish, Dutch and Swiss have all contributed to growth the presence of foreign 10.67%). For the Italians, Caorle had a greater presence of Veneto (+6.47%), Trentino (+7.71%) and Lombard (+3%), while there was a sharp drop of Piedmont. Bibione instead has been a steady drop of Friulian (-4.51%), Trentino who preferred Caorle, tourists from the regions of South peaking with the Calabrian (-72.94%) but an increase of tourists Venetian. The final conclusion port Bibione to be loved by most foreigners by the Italians, who directed at least in July, their preferences in Caorle.


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